Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 3 Hattiesburg to Canton, GA

We made our way up through Mississippi on a very green route-beautiful but strange for us, coming from the desert. On our way we crossed over the Chunky River-which we loved. The name proved great hours of fun for our family-I know, easily amused...

We also stopped off at an country store where we browsed antiques and bought boiled peanuts (YUM!) WE zipped through Alabama, with a nod to Ricky Bobby as we passed Talladega Raceway-Shaken'Bake!

Towards the afternoon, we meandered on the outskirts of Atlanta (thanks Ms. Garmin) and arrived in Canton in the early evening. Canton is about 45 miles north of Atlanta proper. I liken it to Maricopa and Phoenix, except a WHOLE Lot Greener....Aubreigh had been monitoring our progress by phone up to this point, so we checked into our hotel and went and picked her up so she could join us for dinner at a local restaurant for. ..what else? Mexican food (her choice obviously).

A humorous AZ dweller anecdote here: the restaurant was crowded with a wait time of 30 min. or so. We asked if the patio was full and the hostess said, "No, if you want to eat out there?" She sounded surprised, but we made our way out to the patio and enjoyed glorious weather (and had the patio to ourselves). It was about 80 degrees with little or no humidity, but comments from passers by clued us in to why we were alone out there---it was way too hot to be outside! Please......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 2 San Antonio to Hattiesburg

We woke up and got to sample breakfast at our hotel. For a continental breakfast it wasn't bad-biscuits and gravy and these Texas-shaped waffles....

Okay, so that's enough of the food pictures--I promised myself I wouldn't take pictures of food, but these were unique, so please forgive my foray into foodphotoland.

We stopped off at a local H.E.B. (grocery store) to pick up some of Doug's favorite spices that are manufactured and we can get only here-Uncle Chris' Steak Seasoning. We then were off on our next leg of the journey.

At this point I have to admit my secret crush on the Garmin lady. Doug's friend and co-worker Joel let him borrow his GPS to help us make the trip easier. The lady likes a direct route, but is also not afraid of meandering roadways (be still my heart!) We took a lesser known path to get from our little outskirt town to the main highway and saw some beautiful scenery.

Almost to Houston, we made a stop at a Buc*ees. Now folks, I gotta tell you about this place so that you can experience it if you're ever traveling through Texas. They have a virtual hotel of restrooms with personal hand sanitizer machines outside each door. I mean, this bathroom is nicer than my living room. Even Doug admitted to wanting to take off his hat and stay awhile and that's sayin' something!

Bond boys take note: there is a.......du,dada,dah!....jerky deli! A whole counter dedicated to dried and or smoked meats. Ya gotcher pepperoni sticks, your links, your nuggets and of course 20 different styles and flavors of jerky sold by the quarter pound (even venison and buffalo!) AND they hand out samples! I spent 20 minutes there alone...shameful...I know....but after our grand tour and the purchase of a jerky sampler, 5 hour energy drink and a bag of Beaver Nuggets(yummy cinnamon concoctions-think cap'n crunch) we were again on our way. Okay, so now you're vindicated in your thoughts that I'm a superfreak, but all I have to say to that is:

We continued on down the road and hit Louisiana soon. I have always been a little tender towards the swampy southland since that road trip my mom and I took when I was 16. We truly saw America and in that portion of the trip I saw old men sitting on their porches with corncob pipes or a cool. This time, however, we pretty much stayed to the interstate, but still saw some cool bayou and got to travel over endless miles of bridge/highway.

We pulled into New Orleans in the afternoon on the 4th of July. Of course we headed straight for the French Quarter and had beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

They were gearing up for 4th fireworks and were pretty crowded, but we were still able to see a few quaint spots. I would have loved to take a cemetary tour (most amazing cemetaries I've ever seen), but it was getting late, so we headed back to the road.

That night, we were able to watch fireworks over Lake Pontchartain.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When It all Goes South......

We just got back from a trip to Atlanta to visit Aubreigh and had a fabulous time! Here's a day-by-day chronicle of our adventure. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Day 1 Travel to San Antonio

We left at midnight to get an early start on our trip. The girls slept a good portion of the day and watched some videos. Afton also tracked our progress on her map. When we saw this, we knew we had to stop and get ourselves some
of that.....
We pulled into San Antonio around 4:00 and had just enough time to tour the Alamo

We also had a chance to walk the riverwalk. It was beautiful!

We wrapped up the evening with the purchase of fireworks (yeah!) and dinner at Maverick-which was a referral-a very good one I might add-from our salesgirl at the fireworks stand. The faire was southern and the chicken fried steak was a s big as my plate! and the fried okra? mmmmm...mmmmm!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Orphan Jorja

Jorja recently appeared in our school's first play-Annie Jr. She had a role as an extra orphan. She's the one in pigtails....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great graduation!

Our little Jorja graduated from kindergarten this week-with honors! She was asked to represent her class and give a short speech about what kindergarten meant to her. We are very proud of her!