Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicken what...?

OH- our Jorja....Always something new! She has got quite the imagination and personality. She comes up with stuff--well, that we don't know where she comes up with it from. How's that for an awkward sentence? Lately, she has been in naughty mode and has received quite a few swats or spankings (depending on who gives them). The first time my husband reached back and swatted her leg-- because she was hanging upside down in the backseat while we were driving down the highway and she had been asked several times to sit in her booster and put on her seat belt-- she cried out, "Great! Now I have a chicken leg!!" I'm laughing as I write this- as I also did while driving during this incident. My husband is much better at keeping a straight face during Jorja's episodes, so he asks her "What do you mean, chicken leg?" To which she reponded in a weepy, matter of fact way, "Well, just look at it. What do you think?" Which almost awarded her ANOTHER chicken leg, but Doug restrained himself.

We can only decipher that she means it's tingly and rubbery like a chicken?

So, of course there have been many chicken body part sightings throughout this last two weeks- BUT the crowning glory came last night, as it inevitably would, after Doug found her painting the wall with an unknown substance and I heard, "Great! Now I have a chicken butt!!"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vague Wonderings

Why is it that as you get into the higher numbers of clothing sizes, people think you have a secret desire to join the circus or become a human billboard? Just because I'm "plus-sized" doesn't mean I've shoved all my taste down the hill in a grocery cart. No, I don't like bright, blaring colors slammed together in a frenetic print. I don't want anybody to think I'm more inwardly crazy than I already am. I also don't want to advertise SeanJohn or Babyphat or anyone else. What do I personally have to gain from a t-shirt that says" Eat at Joe's- I obviously do.....alot" ? I don't need extra gauze or gold studs to bring major attention to myself, because when I'm in an enclosed space- let's face it- I'm hard to miss. I don't need to hurt someone with my gold studs or lame' belt as I'm passing by. Listen up, designers of America, big people like jeans too! and not with elastic in the back or giant pleats and leather lace-ups in the front! I'm pretty sure I can make it into a pair of jeans with out an attached, bright pink shoehorn(new accessory!) or the corset laceups.
Now excuse me as I go and change- these red leather pants are making me sweat......

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JOJO's Princess Party

Jorja turned 5! on July 1st. We celebrated with a Princess Party, inviting all of her princess pals who could clear their busy calendars for that special day.

All of the princesses were there, from Ariel to Jasmine, all decked out in their finest. There were were even a few princes present, which rounded it all out nicely! We had great fun decorating our new crowns and jumping in the royal bouncy house........

We played the Angelina Ballerina Ballet game and showed off all of our best ballet positions.....

Played Pretty, Pretty Princess (or Handsome, Handsome Prince) depending on who was IT.....

Afterwards, there was the feast complete with flower sandwiches, Princess Pringles and Princess punch!

The finale came with the presentation of not one, but TWO cakes!

The first was an attempt by Mom in the form of a Royal Castle Cake.

The last, but definitely not least, was the magnificent Princess Cake, consisting of one Barbie and her 5 cake mix dress-made by our dear friend and wonder cake decorator-Sandy Wearne- Thanks Sandy!!!

At long last, the princesses and princes bid us adieu and we were left with a Precious Princess Jorja who made a beautiful, 5 yr old birthday girl.