Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Latest Seen and Heard at the Fuller Household

Afton: "This year, when we start our new class in church, I think I'm graduating into the Violent 8's......."

No dear, I think that's Valiant 8's (for 8 yr-olds), but your teachers may agree more with you than with me!

Jorja: "Boy! You're Bunco Buddies sure must have been hungry!!" as she surveyed the table upon coming downstairs. Unbeknownst to her, I had already put most of the Lettuce Wraps, cake and candy away before she came down to raid.

"YOU GUYS REALLY HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!" yelled from her bedroom after being sent to bed and being ignored after many attempts to lure Doug and I into her lair to read her yet ANOTHER bedtime story or give her water.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Breaking news...

I should have posted this back in December when it happened, but I am behind -so - better late than never. The Bonds had a Christmas party for adults and we all brought a White Elephant gift. I was feeling rushed and melancholy while getting ready for the party, so I picked up something at the Goodwill on the fly. Despite major expectations that I would, AGAIN, show up with something clown related, I came with something different and somewhat disturbing.

Amazingly enough, these two frightening creatures became the "hot thing" of the evening. I watched as three of my grown brothers fought over Watto and Darth Maul (I personally think it's odd that I know these names-but my brother-in-law Chris would be proud). There were claims that they were for the children (bring on the nightmares), but it became clear that the contest was closer to home. One brother threatened to never let another brother accompany him to the movies again, if he stole the objects of desire. Another kept claiming-"but they're for my boys".....Another -when confronted with the fact that he had no children, said they were for the children of the person he was in fact trying to steal them from. What?! After all was said and done, these objects that I figured I would probably be taking home with me, were hustled away and hidden by the victor, while others pouted and threatened to carry out aforementioned threats. Bonds are not the most gracious winners.

After that, we played a couple of games, the most amusing of which was where you had to come up with an answer about your spouse in one word that started with the first letter of your last name. The all-time favorite was when Carrie came up with "Beaches" when asked to describe her husband when they were first dating. My oldest brother looked on -mortified- as everyone else broke out into "Wind Beneath My Wings" and dubbed him "Uncle Beach"from there on out. His wife claimed it was a movie they saw at the time, but we were sure that it was a comment on his sensitivity-but I digress...

I think we came out the winners in general, because we went home with a highly amusing, if not somewhat twisted book of postcards called "Breaking bad news with baby animals". Inside are tons of adorable animals delivering news such as "You're bankrupt." You get the idea.....In honor of this highly amusing book, I thought I would come up with some of my own.