Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Green Men Strike Again!

Well--it happened again.......the little people struck and our milk was green! This was much to the delight of our girls who wander throughout the house muttering aloud warnings for a week in advance to any leprechauns who might be listening nearby. "Our milk BETTER not be green again this year ......! We've put traps in the fridge....!"
This time, in addition to the green milk, there were pieces of green leprechaun gold left haphazardly in the fridge and in a trail on the kitchen floor. I remarked that we must have almost caught them in the act, because they seem to have left in a hurry, to which my clever husband added that he was almost overrun by what he thought was a giant green rat this morning! He also added that he must of scared the little guy half to death as he escaped quickly farting shamrocks all the way! This was infinitely amusing to my little ones and far better than any warnings they could have mustered.